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Moved source code to GitHub

first post: HakanL wrote: GitHub is a better platform for OSS, the new location is: https://...

Bing AppID will not work after Aug 1st 2012

first post: nancy1234 wrote: this application requires Bing AppID. but existing AppID will not ...

latest post: jorgenlindell wrote: I'll see if I can get some time updating the code according to htt...

basicHttpBinding values for maxBufferSize and maxReceivedMessageSize

first post: glenncarr wrote: Just fyi, I had to increase the basicHttpBinding values for maxBuff...

latest post: HakanL wrote: Thanks for your suggestion, I've updated the config file.

Add New Key

first post: HakanL wrote: It's now possible to add a new key within ResxTranslator. By defaul...

RESX Translation Online Tool

first post: datasprings wrote: Hi guys,I reviewed this and found it very useful. I also created a ...

latest post: HakanL wrote: Hi! Thanks for the comment and link to your software.

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